The Label

Contagion Records is an independent record label specializing in extreme metal bands from the UK.

CR_Logo_Only_whiteContagion Records was started back in late 2012 by Stewart Bushnell with the intention of signing unique and talented extreme metal bands from the UK. The idea was to help give them more exposure to the world to hopefully increase it’s popularity and people’s knowledge about the genre.

After being little more than an idea shared by two friends back in early 2012, the company became official in October that year and started making small but stable progress. After sorting out all of the legal stuff and getting everything prepared, the label was finally ready to sign it’s first two bands January the following year. After a fair bit of searching, Contagion finally came across a Brutal Death Metal band called ‘Depraved Plague’ that we immediately took a liking to and felt would be a great first band to add to the label. Not long after that we also discovered the band ‘Meat Train’, a Grindthrash band from London which were also added to Contagion’s roster setting a clear course for the label.

With the two bands signed and the distribution deal with Plastichead distribution signed, Contagion Records was finally ready to move forwards and could start gaining international exposure for the bands helping to increase their fan bases and working towards a bigger and more brutal future.